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IT Solutions Company Require Customised eWaste Disposal

Posted on July 15, 2014

Secure PC Clean Ups for Leased Assets

An IT solutions company approached Buyequip on behalf of one of their clients who wanted to dispose of over 150 assets in an environmentally responsible manner with a guarantee that their confidential information was securely deleted. Additionally, the client also had numerous leased PCs and laptops that required detagging and data destruction before being returned to the leasing company.

Custom eWaste Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

With the old IT equipment palletised, Buyequip collected the equipment and brought it back to the warehouse for processing. Both the eWaste computers and laptops had been palletised with the units on lease, so our adaptable warehouse team created a quarantine area for the leased units ensuring there was no confusion regarding which assets were to be returned. With a tight turn around on the leased assets it was key our warehouse team worked quickly and efficiently.

Cost Effective IT Disposals

Once processed, the IT solutions company received comprehensive reporting. The client was concerned the cost to them would be significant due to the large number of hard drives needing 7 pass wipe data destruction. However, as the quality of equipment they had sent for eWaste disposal was quite high, Buyequip were able to remarket the unwanted equipment and offset the collection and data sanitisation costs. Infact, Buyequip was even able to provide them with a rebate!

This collection demonstrates Buyequip’s flexibility and the ease with which we are able to customise our services. If your IT disposal requirements are somewhat “out the box”, don’t hesitate to contact us.