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About Us

What happens to your computers, laptops, LCD monitors and other IT equipment when you decide to upgrade your IT assets? They can:

  • Cost you money by taking up space in your office.
  • Risk the security of your valuable corporate information by being lost or sold without proper data destruction.
  • Damage the environment by ending up in landfill where toxic chemicals can leach into the ground.

What if you could affordably and easily have your old IT equipment taken care of to make room for your new assets? Do you want the peace-of-mind knowing that your data is secureand that your equipment won’t end up in landfill? Did you know that you could get a proper financial return on your old IT equipment?

That’s where Buyequip comes in…

Established in 1998, Buyequip is your leading supplier of End-of-Use and End-of-Life IT services.

Buyequip’s services include:

What does this mean for you and why should you use Buyequip?

  • Save you money – Buyequip can help you free-up office space, allow you to focus on your core business (instead of selling IT assets) and provide a financial return for your IT assets.
  • Protect your data – Buyequip’s rigorous data destruction process (compliant with US Government standard) will ensure that your sensitive data is erased for good.
  • Help the environment – Buyequip can help you satisfy your Corporate Social Responsibility obligations by reducing landfill and preventing toxic chemicals from leaching into the ground.
  • Cash Back – Buyequip will pay you for working remarketable equipment in good condition.

Buyequip’s Mission

Based on the principles of Security, Value and Environment, to provide the best possible environmental, social and economic outcomes to minimise the impact of End-of-Use and End-of-Life electronic waste.

Buyequip’s Values

  • As essential participants with a shared responsibility in achieving our mission, Buyequip’s employees are the most valuable assets of our company.
  • To be efficient, innovative and professional to achieve growth and profit.
  • When possible, we will partner with community groups to form community wide solutions.
  • To treat all with generosity, equality and respect.

Buyequip’s Policies