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Guaranteed Data Destruction

Buyequip understands that confidential information is stored on your hard drives, and your data security is our highest priority. We utilise a range of destruction methods to ensure there is absolutely no possibility of data recovery.

Offsite Data Sanitisation

  • Buyequip can perform data sanitisation to meet your requirements. Our software is compliant with a variety of standards, including both the NIST800-88 and DOD 5220-22-M standards. Alternatively we have Garner degaussers at all our sites, with our Garner TS-1 able to satisfy the most stringent government and industry standards (including NIST SP 800-88r1). We also have shredders capable of physically destroying your drives to various size particles.
  • Drives with damaged sectors that cannot be overwritten or with failed erasures are removed and destroyed.
  • A data sanitisation certificate is provided as proof of completion.
  • Buyequip has regular process and certification audits.

Onsite Data Sanitisation

Buyequip can deploy a technician to your site to perform erasure on your hard drives. Additionally we have a range of Garner Degaussers and Portable Shredders to degauss or destroy your hard drives at your site.


Our disposal service includes the detagging of your item – all asset tags and identifiers will be removed prior to resale or recycling.

Media destruction Bins

Buyequip can provide lockable and secure bins to collect loose hard drives and items requiring destruction. Bins can be processed offsite or onsite depending on your requirements.

Please call or email us for further information and pricing.