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    Are you a medium or big business, large organisation or institution? With electronic waste recycling, Buyequip can return value on your desktop and laptop computers, lcd monitors, servers, printers, phones, enterprise and networking equipment.

    Buyequip can collect your old IT equipment; remarket your IT to ensure the best financial returns; and securely erase the data from your hard drives.

    Take advantage of IT Disposal Service so you can:

    • maximise your return with our competitive rebates
    • use sales proceeds to fund new IT asset acquisitions
    • focus on your core business, instead of selling old IT assets

    To ensure peace of mind Buyequip:

    • provides a rigorous data destruction process compliant with government standards
    • ensures your sensitive data is erased for good
    • provides a detailed audit report of all equipment for complete accountability
    • provides a data destruction certificate for all equipment that has been sanitised

    Buyequip will:

    • make the best next life decision for your equipment
    • recycle your redundant and not working equipment to divert toxic waste from landfill
    • promptly collect your equipment to free up your storage spaces
    • help you satisfy your corporate social responsibility obligations
    • provide a recycling certificate for all equipment that is recycled