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Mining corporation roll out new IT fleet and seek to responsibly dispose of eWaste

Posted on June 24, 2014

eWaste Recycling – a Social Responsibility

With technology evolving rapidly it’s a common story for most organisations to upgrade their IT equipment at the end of lease or at scheduled intervals. But what of the unwanted electronic equipment (commonly known as eWaste)? Many large corporations have adopted a social responsibility policy and seek ways to dispose of their obsolete equipment and divert toxic electronic components from landfill.

Repurpose, Resell, Recycle

A national mining corporation wanted to responsibly remove and dispose of 400 assets from remote Queensland. It was important to them to ensure their eWaste was correctly managed by being repurposed, resold or recycled. They needed data to be securely wiped from their hard drives and due to the size of the corporation, emphasis was placed on accurate reporting so that all assets could be confidently removed from their asset register.

Choosing an eWaste Recycler

For the national mining giant, choosing Buyequip to remove and dispose of their eWaste was simple. Buyequip ticked all the boxes. As leaders in eWaste recycling, Buyequip carefully inspect and record the details of each item that comes through their door. Buyequip repurpose old computer equipment wherever possible. For those items that cannot be fixed or are at end-of-life, Buyequip dismantle the item into its different components and send it to downstream recycling processors in Australia for recovery of precious metals and other materials. Buyequip also have a strict data destruction process to ensure each and every hard drive is wiped of confidential data.

eWaste Disposals Made Easy

With new equipment arriving and storage space at a premium, there was a small window for the unwanted equipment to be taken offsite. Communication was the key for this disposal to go smoothly. The corporation organised to have the decommissioned computers and laptops palletised onsite. Buyequip then collected the 9 pallets, then transported them to the Brisbane warehouse for processing and sanitisation. On completion, the mining corporation were able to confidently remove their recycled assets from their asset register using the comprehensive asset reporting issued by Buyequip.